Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Our Staff

400p-groip-IMG 6979Our managers are both technicians as well as managers to a larger crew.  At any one time we may have up to four crews working with clients from as far away as Waukegan to the center of Chicago, West to Barrington and south to Joliet.  It is safe to say, Joes Heating & Air Conditioning works all over Chicago.  Meet our staff.

 Joes Heating and Cooling Director, Joe  
  Joe is the founder of Joes Heating & Air Conditioning.  Joe works with his crews as well as answers questions in the office.  He is an experienced HVAC installer and technician and has over 10 years of experience working in homes and offices throughout Chicago.
 Customer Service Joes Heating & Air Conditioning in Chicago  Socorro is Joe's sister.  Socorro will work with you to schedule an appointment, answer questions about Joe's services and products.  If you have technical questions, Socorro will get answers.
 Field Manager Commercial HVAC  Fidel is the Master tradesman on top of commercial or residential HVAC installs.  Sheet metal ducts are carried out clean and swiftly by Fidel and his crew.
 Field Technician for Heating & Cooling, Joes Heating & Ari Conditioning Manny is a field technician manager working with crews but also you may see him on a job himself filling in when we have clients in emergency situations.


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