Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Furnace Installation & Service

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New installation or repair services are our speciality.  We can install HVAC sytems for commercial buildings or residences with the best furnaces on the market.  If you need service, our expert technicians will work quickly, cleanly and inform you at every step what they propose to repair to get your heat back on and your family warm. 

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Clean furnace or boiler Check chimney base          
Clean and check pilots    
Adjust  pilot  Check Thermocouple    
Clean burners Adjust burners Check fan belts Check amperage draw
Check furnace filters
Check safety devices Check heat anticipators      
Check thermostat contacts  Check limit control  Inspect combustion chamber 
Check blower wheel Check blower motor and lube Check furnace wiring       
Check for combustion air Check hot water tank
Check gas valve operation Test for gas leaks Check humidifier                
Check electrical connections Inspect heat exchanger for leaks
Check motors and oil if necessary Check any/all accessories Check and secure all panels Check thermostat and calibrate if necessary  


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