Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Commercial Units

Commercial HVAC is a speciality.

Commercial furnaces or air conditioners up to 7 tons is a speciality of Joes Heating and Air Conditioning.  In Chicago and surrounding suburbs, from Waukegan to Joliet we have installed commerical units on buildings from the roof down to the accompanying units inside, all the wiring and duct work.

You may have a retail storefront, a restaurant, office employees and students but all of them need to be kept comfortable to be able to do their jobs.  Our systems are affordable, energy efficient and can be installed in existing units or new construction.

We specialize in packages of gas or electric, air conditioners or heat pump applicaitons in 3 - 7 ton capacities.  Our models have tubular heat exchanges with two different capacities for greater efficiency and versatility.Our compressors are solid and are in most of the 3 - 7 ton capacity units.  All the units are highly customizable offering stainless steel heat exchangers, smoke detectors and microprocessor controls.

Call us @ 773.993.0865 we can help you figure out what you need to keep your space comfortable while keeping your expenses affordable.

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Some recent commercial installs from last summer 2013

Services include:

Custom Duct Work & Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Refrigeration Compressors         Refrigerant   Refrigerant Equipment
Repairs & Recharge Systems Hermetic Accessories   Air Cooled Condensers
   Parts      Blends and Specialty        Chillers
  Scroll R134A   Condensing Units
  Semi-Hermetic R22 Alternatives   Cooling Towers
  OILS R22   Fluid Coolers
  Alkylbenzene R404A   Ice Machines & Parts
  Mineral R410A   Refrigerators & Freezers
  Oil Accessories     Unit Coolers
  POE     Water Coolers
  System Treatments      

We are here with solutions.

HVAC TechniciansCall us today!  773.993.0865                 Joe's Heating & Air Conditioning is a member of Nicors Contractor Circle
                                                                                              Joe's Heating & Air Conditioning is a member of Nicors Contractor Circle