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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Whole home filtration with AccuClean of American Standard is an Add-on to your system. ...
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Our commercial clients enjoy a high level of performance of meshed services of heating, ...
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Our Technicians are trained to offer you the best value options for repair or ...
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Your family is your number one concern.  To keep them warm in the winter and ...
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Platinum ZM Gas/Electric System Total comfort with the quietest ...
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 ZV, SVj Series Including  XV Oil, Furnaces Ultimate comfort with superior ...
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Silver Series Furnace Consistent, comfortable heat Reliable performance High ...
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Preventative Maintenance Get  10% OFF Your Next Service if you Schedule by 12.15.2014 Call Today, 773.993.0865

Call us for maintenace on your furnace.  Chicago Joes Heating and Air conditioning Time to clean your furnace.  Get your furnace cleaned anytime but plan by September to avoid the rush from the first freezing morning.  Clean your furnace anytime during the winter to increase efficiency and to keep your appliance working in perfect condition..

air conditioner maintenance by chicago joes hearting and air conditioning Be sure to check your air conditioner in early May to avoid any service calls when it hits 99 degrees.  We can repair any problems you may have from replacing coolant to replacing motors.  We can get you cool again.  Give us a call 773.993.0865

Rheem Classic Standard Tall Electric installed by in Chicago Check your water heater on a regular basis 2 or 3 times a year to check for rusting in the casing, any gas leaks or to drain the tank and any sediment.

Furnace Filters

chicago furnace repair 60618  I just want to say that a clean furnace filter keeps my clients happy. I know that furnace filters can get expensive and are a shocker at the checkout counter.

It is a necessary evil to have a furnace filter and to keep it clean.  Keep your furnace healthy. Most filters we see on a service call are clogged with dust or animal hair.  Sometimes you can see right through the hair and it does not seem like it would matter. That the layer of hair and dust is flat, see through, so how can it cause any problems. 

It does cause problems.  When you look at the furnace, your eye focuses on one point when you look through.  The fact is that the area is usually 25 or 30 inches long and 24 inches high.  That is like putting a fabric overlay on your window screen in the summer.  It just cuts down on air flow.  Worse, in your furnace it puts a strain on the blower motor causing the bearings to prematurely wear out. That can happen in the winter and summer months. Guess what, after struggling, it will be time for a new blower motor.  Hint, it is cheaper to change the furnace filter.

Still the filters are Crazy expensive.  I have seen some as much as $25. and $35. I did see an alternative. 
It was a furnace filter made out of a screen and cleaning it could be as simple as spraying water through it.  Nothing to fly in your face when you put that dusty filter into a garbage bag causing you to scream, "Yuk!".   That's it, pull it out, rinse it off.  You could almost do it once a month.  Best of all, you only pay $25. one time.  Deal!  Sold!

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